Business Consulting

edge recruitment offers a package of complex business consulting services related to human resources management.


We support our Clients by carrying out projects in the following fields:


Diagnosis of the Condition of Human Resources Management within the Company - Human Resources Audit
As part of this project, we will carry out an analysis of the current condition of human resources management in the following aspects: employment planning, work evaluation, incentive schemes, sequence and succession system planning, employee promotions, career paths and personnel development system.


Development of Human Resources Strategy
An appropriately developed HR strategy, made to suit the organisation's needs, allows effective human resources management, taking into account the balance between the company's income and costs, employees' motivation enhancement directed at the company's business objectives, and the development of an organisational culture that supports the company's strategic aims. As part of this package, we will program employment planning, develop the assumptions of the reward system, establish the assumptions of employees' personal development and its supporting systems, as well as the assumptions of the company recruitment policy.


Job Description
Job descriptions form the basis for the creation and implementation of a company's human resources policy that supports the growth of the organisation. They allow the organisation of essential tasks prescribed to specific job positions, they indicate key competencies and skills, they also improve the system of communication and the definition of experience and knowledge requirements for the purposes of the recruitment process.


Employment Planning
The purpose of this package is to diagnose existing human resources, determine their potential, possible directions of development and to plan for future employment needs. Planning will include the aspects of quantity and quality, both in terms of sequences, replacements, definition of career paths and employees' development plans. The package will also allow to identify the key positions in the company. As a result of the purchase of this service package, the client will receive a report determining the adequacy of competencies in all job positions, recruitment needs in terms of company development plans, and possible sequences, employees' development paths and the definition of professional career paths.


Development of Periodic Personal Performance Assessment System
In this service package we can develop a work evaluation system with reference to the employees of the Client's company. The process will be based on the definition of targets and subject of evaluation upon consultation with the managers, the development of evaluation sheets for specific employee groups, instructions to support the evaluation process, definition of evaluation procedures and the determination of the rules governing the evaluation process. Following the preparation of the evaluation system, we will perform practical application training related to the evaluation system, which will help the client to learn the developed tools, to ensure the impartiality of the process, underline the importance of the evaluation system for the implementation of appropriate human resources policy, and will prepare the implementation of the employee evaluation system in the company.


Development of the Employee Recruitment System
The aim of this package is to determine the recruitment policy and to prepare the process of adaptation of newly recruited personnel. It will ensure the implementation of an appropriate human resource policy regarding the selection of personnel and the selection of appropriate tools to this end. The package covers the training of employees responsible for implementing the human resources policy in the scope of defining recruitment needs, preparation of procedures to this end, as well as personnel recruitment channels, interviewing techniques and documenting them, and integrating newly employed personnel with the company.


Valuation of Work
The valuation of work is based on the implementation of analytical/points valuation methods. Usually we use two methods per each project, in order to avoid mistakes that can be made using one method only. Additionally, we perform a comparative analysis of positions obtained as a result of the valuation. We pay special attention to an impartial valuation of the positions. That is because the biggest danger related to the valuation results both in the past and present, is their inappropriate application to the company environment.


Development of Bonus Award Systems
The basis of an incentive scheme is formed by the process of valuation of job positions, which allows precise determination of the location of each position within the internal job structure of the company. Good practices combine the process of the creation of a valuation scheme with a corresponding competencies model, which should reflect the requirements formulated by the company towards its workers, and hence towards the job positions they occupy.


The remuneration system should be strongly correlated with the external remuneration market. This correlation is reflected in the payment policy, defined by the company Management / Ownership. This information forms the basis for the establishment of the total wage scale.


The main incentive element of the remuneration system consists mainly of bonuses and payrises. Therefore, the next step is to design bonus mechanisms (commissions, task rates, related to efficiency, on the basis of periodic evaluation, MBO, etc. for employee groups that bring in decisive input and effort to the achievement of the company's objectives.


Improvement of Communication Processes in the Organisation
The key role of information in the effective management of the company leads us to present our offer in the scope of the improvement of its flow within the organisation. As part of this procedure, we will carry out an analysis of the existing information flow channels and their efficiency. We propose solutions that promote higher efficiency in information management within the company, and we set out to create a communication system that supports the main business objectives of the company.